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Escape Rooms are an excellent opportunity for spending time with family and friends. It’s time to escape the room! Escape rooms are a new popular type of entertainment. Here you will find information about the best escape rooms provided by different companies.

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  • Escape game: Game master
    This has proboably been my favorite escape rooms experience.The owners were so kind the escape rooms were difficult but extremely fun and I suggest you go there for any group occasion


  • Escape game: Escape from Alcatraz
    Had a great time! We really enjoyed "trying"to escape. Staff was very friendly, facilities were clean and well run. The Nowlin Family


  • Escape game: Escape from Alcatraz
    We had a fabulous time! Game was challenging and interesting. We made it out, but it was not an easy task!

    Joyce Gombeda

  • Escape game: Escape from Alcatraz
    Very fun! The hints are great. Enough to steer you in the right direction without giving it away. Lots of different and fun puzzles.

    Jason Franks

  • Escape game: Haunted Hospital
    My family have a great time! we got out with 20 seconds left! There were some parts that were really scary!! but It was fun, I will be coming back to try the other rooms

    John Shawn

  • Escape game: Escape from Alcatraz
    Great experience! Puzzles are creative and challenging, but are absolutely solvable. Great theme too! I'd recommend to any group of people who like solving puzzles and can work as a team.