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Escape Rooms are an excellent opportunity for spending time with family and friends. It’s time you escaped the room! Escape rooms are a new popular type of entertainment. Here you will find information about the best escape rooms provided by different companies.

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Latest reviews of escape rooms

  • Escape game: Classified
    Can't tell you how much fun this game was. You will leave wanting to play again and again.


  • Escape game: Mad Wizard's Laboratory
    I can see how some would like this if they haven't tried some of the other Room Escapes offered around the city, but coming from someone who has done many of these I can tell you that this is bottom of the barrel. The price tag is the same or even higher than all the other rooms, but the return far worse.


  • Escape game: Mad Wizard's Laboratory
    It's as if someone decided that they wanted to cash in on the Escape Room craze, so they went to A.C Moore and bought a bunch of random objects to make into a "puzzle". Not even close to what I would call a sophisticated or high quality puzzle room. Unfortunately, they got my cash, but take my advice and save yours for somewhere else.


  • Escape game: Mad Wizard's Laboratory
    I was visiting my brother all the way from North Carolina and he had been talking about a room escape he did a month or two earlier. It came up again and we decided to go give it a try as a twosome since he made it sound so fun. Unfortunately the one he had done the last time was fully booked so we found this as an alternative with some spots left. I now know why there were some spots left for a last minute addition. I really had my hopes up for an amazing experience and all I could think the whole time was "Is this it?" It all had a homemade school project type of feel to it to be honest. Afterward, my brother apologized for the letdown since he knew it was not up to par. I don't blame him. It's our fault for waiting until the last minute. Next time we'll make sure to have reservations made well beforehand at the other room escape he had done and enjoyed so much.


  • Escape game: Destiny
    Very well put together. Looking ahead to the next challenge!

    Len Woida

  • Escape game: Mad Wizard's Laboratory
    As much as I enjoyed being berated for escaping the room without needing to solve all the puzzles, I can't recommend this place. I've done several of these escape games and there several better options in the city at the same price that I could vouch for. In fact all of them were better since win or lose I was still excited after I left at the challenge and fun. I would have left happy with our achievement, but the guy running it was a real jerk after we got out. I would say they need a better game designer. They need to realize that things sometimes do not happen in the order you want them to happen because people are smart. When one number is left on a lock, guessing the final number is a matter of trying just 10 combinations. In the post-game review of what we missed, we also found out that a key was not in the rock like it was supposed to be. It had fallen out apparently and was in big box of packing peanuts that we were told we wouldn't need to search too hard through because the objects were big. This led to our lack of being able to complete certain pieces of the puzzle. It didn't stop us from victory though. Also, got pretty hot in the room after they closed the door. The other room may be different but the 'moving madness' room was small and must have been lacking a vent. All in all, we could have left happy, but the guy running it was unnecessarily angry and rude to us. It was like he was projecting his disappointment in the failure of the game on us.