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Escape Rooms in Atlanta is an excellent opportunity for spending time with family and friends. It’s time you escaped the room! Escape rooms is a new popular type of entertainment in Atlanta. Here you will find information about the best escape rooms provided by different companies.

Latest reviews of escape rooms

  • Escape game: Jewel Heist
    This was challenging yet fun, well-tuned and designed. Staff were friendly and helpful. There was a wide variety of puzzles, secrets and props that kept our team of 7 busy and engaged. We finished with only a few minutes to spare. Had a wonderful team-building outing and will definitely be back!


  • Escape game: Destiny
    Very well put together. Looking ahead to the next challenge!

    Len Woida

  • Escape game: Destiny
    Awesome!!! Most fun I have had all year. Can't wait for next one!

    Kim Wardlaw

  • Escape game: Zombie Apocalypse
    This was my first ever Escape the Room challenge. And we escaped! After paranoia Quest Atlanta couple others and paranoia Quest is definitely at the top of the chart if you haven't tried it definitely put it on your bucket list

    Sabrina LaCava

  • Escape game: Murder Mystery
    I did the murder mystery Room a couple weeks ago and it was the bomb. I've also completed the zombie apocalypse Quest paranoia Quest and a couple rooms at Breakout. So far paranoia Quest has by far been my favorite. Right now they have a great special going that makes them comprable to other vendors comma and you get a lot in the rooms at paranoia Quest more challenges more tasks and you also get a little good even if you don't complete it. Highly rated gotta try it out.

    Sabrina LaCava

  • Escape game: Murder Mystery
    It was really fun! I loved how me and my friend were paired up with different people, it brought us all together even though we just met each other 5 minutes before. I can't wait go back!

    Kelsey P