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Escape Rooms in New York is an excellent opportunity for spending time with family and friends. It’s time you escaped the room! Escape rooms is a new popular type of entertainment in New York. Here you will find information about the best escape rooms provided by different companies.

Latest reviews of escape rooms

  • Escape game: The Rescue
    We had so much fun, some of the locks were hard to solve and we used some clues. It's a good activity for teens, my kids loved it too. The setting was nice and quiet, everything was perfect

    R. Daniel

  • Escape game: Who Killed Jack Robinson
    DISCOUNT CODE: Karim Use it on the website when booking to get $10 off per person. Awesome escape games. Very tight knit staff there. Everyone is very friendly and will accommodate for you if need be.


  • Escape game: Saint Angelo's Castle
    Komnata Quest is the best escape room game in NYC. The level of technology and unique games separates them from the competition. I played The castle first and fall in love with this kind of games. I went to play many other games in NYC but could not find better the Komnata Quest . Now they have 6 different games open in two locations and building another 6 games and more locations is going to open in September... i can not wait...highly recommended.

    Ekaterina Bykova

  • Escape game: The Rescue
    I visited this place last weekend. It was the worst. It was beyond amateurish. Theres not even a door to lock you into your room. But rather a gate with a padlock. We were given the wring clues. Not to give it away but there's was souch noise coming from the people waiting outside that it affected our game. Remember I said it was a gate with a padlock so you hear everything. The clues had no rhyme or reason. One clue had nothing to do with the next. It was horrible. Please save your money.


  • Escape game: The Other Side
    So much fun! This is the first Escape Room that I have ever down with a large group. All of the rooms that I have done in the past were with 2-6 people. In this room we had 15 and I wasn't sure how it would work. Well we Escaped and I am sure we wouldn't have escaped with out the team, we worked so well together and there was so much to do that I can't image having a smaller group. Escape Rooms Rule!

    Jamie Sandovich

  • Escape game: John Doe
    Can't wait to do it again! The puzzles were challenging and clever, but not ridiculous. Loved the guarantee of a private room.

    Benjamin S