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Escape Rooms in New York is an excellent opportunity for spending time with family and friends. It’s time you escaped the room! Escape rooms is a new popular type of entertainment in New York. Here you will find information about the best escape rooms provided by different companies.

Latest reviews of escape rooms

  • Escape game: Doctor Frankenstein
    I had 22 people meet up at the Greenpoint location for my birthday. We broke up into 4 groups and played Dr Frankenstein, Room 1409, The Bank Robbery, and murder mystery! I personally played murder mystery which was lots of fun! It was creepy and I was even a little scared at some points but it was GREATLY done! We may have even broken a record making it out in 25 minutes!! Just wanted to thank the staff, especially David, the night couldn't have went more smoothly! Can't wait to come back! Dying to try the bank robbery after listening to my family and friends laughing about it!

    Stefanie Ann

  • Escape game: Doctor Frankenstein
    Just finished the dr. Frankenstein room! Great thinking game. Alot going on and alot to do.

    Carissa Langner

  • Escape game: Maze of Hakaina
    What's not to love about komnata quest?!?! I just did sinful pleasures-- this is my fourth time here. Komnata is hands down the best company for escape rooms I've ever tried. It is a fun adventure to complete with your friends and sinful pleasures is definitely a fun one to do with a significant other. If you're looking for laughs and a good time-- this is the place to go!

    Marilyn Grinshpun

  • Escape game: Maze of Hakaina
    Did Maze of Hakaina with 5 people, mostly veteran room escape players. One of the most fun room escapes I've done in terms of surprises and clever puzzles. Would recommend to any fan of these games! Staff very kind and into the act as well!

    Jerry Sha

  • Escape game: Suicide Hotel
    Very well done! I loved it! I can't stop telling everyone i know they have to try a komnata quest. Thanks for bringing one to my neighborhood in greenpoint!

    Addia Cooper-Henry

  • Escape game: Suicide Hotel
    This place was amazing!! I've done plenty of rooms and this was very interactive and great clues. The rooms were creative. Totally recommend.

    Stephanie Torres