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Escape Rooms in Miami is an excellent opportunity for spending time with family and friends. It’s time you escaped the room! Escape rooms is a new popular type of entertainment in Miami. Here you will find information about the best escape rooms provided by different companies.

Latest reviews of escape rooms

  • Escape game: Haunted Hospital
    My family have a great time! we got out with 20 seconds left! There were some parts that were really scary!! but It was fun, I will be coming back to try the other rooms

    John Shawn

  • Escape game: THE INFIRMARY
    Great expeience! Visiting friends or family? Vacationing? On a business trip? Check out the Great Escape with the whole group! Fantastic way to have fun with a group of new or old aquaintances! Search for the hidden clues (some are quite tricky), solve the puzzles (loads of fun) and make your great one hour! We would definitely come back, and definitely recommend to others! The more the merrier!!! Can't wait for the next Escape!!!!

    Jac M

  • Escape game: Sherlock's Study. The Library
    Went there with my husband... Omg I had such a good time. Working with other people to solve the puzzles. The clues, the set up and how friendly the staff was, is sooooooo incredible. I was practically begging the staff to hurry and open another room so I could come again!

    Shenelle A

  • Escape game: THE INFIRMARY
    The Great Escape Room greatly exceeded our expectations. It was well thought out and put together and very very challenging! Our group didn't make it out but we had such a good time trying. We will definitely be back when a new room is available. It's great for a date night, family night, or group of friends. Ooh, and the staff is entertaining, fun and so friendly!!!


  • Escape game: Sherlock's Study. The Library
    Celebrated my daughter's 12th birthday party with a group of girls. Everyone was excited and did not know what to expect. It took a few minutes to get into a rhythm but then they got the hang of it and started finding clues and putting it all together. There were some frustrating moments but they got through it and the group was able to escape with 1 minute 29 secs remaining. Great fun!!!!

    Mariana B

  • Escape game: THE INFIRMARY
    I love Miami, but intellectually stimulating attractions are not one of this beautiful city's greatest strengths. This is why it's not surprising that The Great Escape Room is completely unique here, in concept, design and execution. The idea behind the experience here is as simple as the puzzles that must be solved are complex. With the clock ticking, you are locked in a room with a group of people and must explore the room to find clues to escape before the hour runs out. My team was bright (or desperate) enough to make it out, but I couldn't help wonder what happened to all those who didn't! The real uniqueness and genius of this experience comes down to the broad range of different types of intelligence that must be used to solve ALL of the puzzles: spatial, visual, verbal, mathematical. Having to switch between all these different modes of critical thinking can be disorienting on an individual level (your most difficult puzzle can easily seem like the easiest once you figure it out), but really enhances the sense of teamwork and collective accomplishment more than other group-based games do. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone over the age of 12 and would definitely go again if they added a new puzzle!!!

    Daniel K