Why are escape rooms so popular?

As of now, there are over 2800 escape rooms available worldwide and new ones have been popping up every day. Why is it that escape rooms have become so popular? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward.

Most of us lead busy lives struggling to find time for work, studies, taking care of the kids and so on. Each of us has a bunch of responsibilities to deal with on a daily basis. Escape rooms, on the other hand, allow us to step out of our daily routine and experience what it is like to be a different person – a book or movie character, for example. The game only lasts about an hour but the unique and immersive experience of escape rooms brings people into a different reality. Whether you are escaping from a zombie apocalypse, a prison or a spaceship in a galaxy far far away, an extraordinary and believable experience does add spice to your life.

Escape rooms are much more than simple video games taking place in virtual reality. Rather than just staring at a computer screen we are actually doing something and taking part in intellectual or physical work.

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Another reason for the popularity of escape rooms is our infinite love of games. Playing games and winning is followed by the feeling of reward and accomplishment. Take sports, for example. The strive to win has been in human nature all along. We enjoy being praised and rewarded for something.

Escape rooms also capitalize on the human desire for curiosity. We are born curious and it is in our blood to discover and solve mysteries. Having figured out the problem, we feel good about ourselves. That is why it is not surprising many people become escape room “addicts” and come back to solve more mysteries.

Escape rooms allow us to feel important and to be part of a team. Teamwork, a sense of confidence, and unsolved mysteries are some things that attract people very much. Escape rooms are good for anyone, regardless of sex, age or background and do not require specific knowledge or qualification.

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Ready to try one of the escape rooms now? Choose an escape room (How should I choose an escape room?) and find out what it is like to overcome a real challenge for yourself!

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