How should I choose an escape room?

The newsfeed in your social networks is full of photos of happy friends who managed to escape the room? Sound familiar! It’s time you showed them what you’ve got! The question is: how to choose the best escape room out of such a diversity of offers?

1. Who should go with me?

Firstly, make up your mind about how many of your friends or relatives are willing to help you find a way out of the room. It’s possible to win the day just with your best buddy as long as you properly estimate your strengths and manage within an hour. Some escape rooms are designed for 2-5 people, while others welcome groups up to 20 people (perfect for a graduation party or corporate events).

So be sure to check how many people are recommended for this or that room before booking it. This requirement is important: with too many people you might solve everything too quickly and the room escape won’t feel like a challenge. In contrast, if you bring fewer people than required you might not be able to manage to solve every task.

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2. Levels of difficulty

Undoubtedly, experienced players choose challenging escape rooms to rack their brain over nontrivial riddles up to the last minute. However, novices should pay attention to the level of difficulty when choosing their adventure. Otherwise they will end up in a deadlock and leave the room a bit disappointed. We recommend newcomers choosing an “easy” level at first. Once you have made a couple of room escapes, move on to “medium” and “hard” levels.

3. Location of the escape room

The location is equally important. Since most escape rooms are situated in city centers, find out about the closest parking lots when making a reservation. Some escape rooms provide free parking at your disposal.

4. Booking an escape room

It goes without saying that you should book your preferred escape room in advance. Friday nights and weekends are undoubtedly the most popular leisure times. Besides, keep in mind that if you are planning to take part in an adventure game with just your friends, you should reserve the whole session. This rule generally applies to escape rooms with the capacity of up to 15 people. Fortunately, some escape rooms welcome adventure seekers in the daytime which is a significant benefit for students and people with flexible working hours.

5. Theme

As you probably know there are hundreds of themes and scenarios of escape rooms available. Whether it is hospitals, motels, prisons or secret labs and space stations, everyone will be fascinated and mesmerized! What’s more, some escape rooms create the atmosphere of well-known literature and film works. So, it’s best to consult with your friends before choosing an escape room as some of them might be horror movie fans while others might enjoy detective stories.

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6. Types of escape rooms

Before booking an escape room we recommend you answer these questions:

    • Do you want to see actors in the escape room?
    • Do you want the escape room game to be based on a specific book/movie?
    • Do you want to solve other tasks besides finding an exit?

Escape room games can be based on popular computer games, movies, books, or just have a unique scenario. There are several types of escape rooms, such as classic escapes (usually held in one room), action games (resemble Fort Boyard TV game/ the task is not always to find an exit), performances (if live actors also take part in the game) or real-life escapes (have a specific theme). Some of the common escape room themes are a prison break, a heist or detective/murder cases.

So, do consider the types of escape rooms before making your choice.

7. Check the reviews

If you have friends who already went to a certain room escape, ask them whether they would recommend visiting it. It’s best to choose an escape room managed by professionals because a room done badly might ruin the whole experience. Checking the reviews will help you save time and money and avoid unnecessary disappointment.

Now you are ready to choose the best escape room! Good luck!

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