Escape game Murder Mystery/Escape Game: Legend of Sleepy Hollow 1990

Company: Escape Woods

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628 Sleepy Hollow Rd Powder Springs, GA 30127 ()


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The year is 1990, exactly is 200 years since the original headless horseman terrorized a small Northern town. As a farmer walks his farm one early morning he notices crows gathering over a section of his corn field. At first he thinks "probably just a dead animal in his corn field" but he decides to check it out. As he pushes through the rows of corn he is shocked at what he sees. There laying in front of him is a headless body. He runs from the field and calls the police. ​

Your mission: The local police is severely understaffed, ill-equipped, and honestly too freaked out to solve this mystery. That is where you come in. We need to and your team to enter the corn field and solve this murder mystery. What do you say? Are you up for a little adventure?

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