Escape game Back To The 80's!

Company: Impossible Escape

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Your cousin Ferris, a deeply paranoid individual, has always believed that the world is on the brink of destruction. In an attempt to protect his loved ones, he invites you and a group of friends to his 80s-themed safe room, a meticulously recreated replica of a 1980s basement, complete with vintage decor and memorabilia.

Excited to reunite with Ferris and intrigued by his eccentricity, you accept the invitation. However, upon arrival, you quickly realize that Ferris is nowhere to be found. Confused and concerned, you soon discover a video from Ferris, explaining his untimely departure.

In the video, Ferris reveals his fears of impending catastrophe and his belief that the only safe place is within the 80s-themed bunker. He explains that the basement is equipped with a complex air filtration system, vital for survival. However, he was called away unexpectedly and couldn’t make it back in time to ensure everyone’s safety.

Panic sets in as you realize that without Ferris’ presence, accessing the air systems and ensuring the flow of fresh air becomes your group’s sole responsibility. With a limited air supply, time is of the essence. You must now work together to solve his 80s-themed puzzles within the safe haven to unlock and activate the air filtration system before the oxygen depletes.

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