Escape game The Bird Box[Closed]

Company: Room Escape Atlanta

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When a mysterious force seemingly annihilates the world’s population, survivors are left with only one shocking truth -- if you see it, you die. Therefore, those who remain must now avoid coming face to face with the entity that takes the form of their worst fears.

Unfortunately, supplies are running low and your camp is in dire need of help! You and your renegade bandits have embarked on a dangerous journey through the desolate city to find supplies. The last crew that was sent on a mission never returned; Everyone is now relying on you all to successfully bring back what’s needed to help the camp continue to survive.

Your mission is to: journey 30 minutes to the city center, ransack every apartment complex you can find, take only the supplies your camp needs (and you MUST bring back every item), while making it back before sundown. Once night falls, it’s nearly impossible to make it back alive. Most importantly, don’t forget, you and your crew must cover your eyes every time the force is near. The only way to identify its presence is when birds begin to chirp. With such a heavy task in front of you, and 90 minutes until sundown, can you complete the voyage and make it back to save the day?

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