Escape game Jack the Ripper

Company: The Escapery

Average Rating:

4.6 / 5

5+ reviews


1349 Old 41 Hwy NW, Suite 250 Marietta, GA 30060 ()


Located nearly a quarter mile north of the Church Street Extension or roughly a mile south of the Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield entrance.

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It’s been five years since the last gruesome victim was discovered. Everyone assumed Jack the Ripper was dead, in prison, or had fled. Yet once again, a terror roams the night, leaving only the broken bodies of his victims discarded in the streets as evidence of his existence.

Your team is close to finding his lair and you’ve narrowed it down to three suspects. Can you figure out who the Ripper is before another woman is gone?


Inspired by true horrific events, Ripper can be an intense experience. Please notify your Game Master if you have health concerns.

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