Escape game Nevermore[Closed]

Company: Paradox Point

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Behind every genius is a person trying to discredit them. Edgar Allan Poe’s relationship with Rufus Wilmot Griswold is no different. He and Poe have a long history of trading insults, trying to one-up each other’s literary merit.

While history shows who the clear winner is, Griswold hasn’t given up yet. Driven on by rumors of Poe’s hidden works, he is determined to locate them and publish the manuscripts under his own name.

Griswold has sent a fake newsprint to Poe by raven, no less, to boast of another scathing review of Poe’s talent that is about to go to print. Poe has no choice but to try and stop the presses, leaving his office and all his secrets unprotected.

Now it’s up to you and your team to protect Poe’s reputation and discover his unpublished works locked inside before Griswold arrives!

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