Escape game The Lost Cabin

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Norman Black was an adventurous miner who pushed his way across South Dakota to the outskirts of Wyoming and "Struck it Rich" he left his family in a nearby town and built a cabin deep in the mountains. During the winter months in the late 1800's an EVIL robber struck Mr. Black knocking out the miner with a nasty blow to his head.When Norman recovered from the blow the robber demanded to know where to find his gold mine, but the poor Mr. Black had completely lost his memory.

After a few frustrating weeks of searching for the mine the robber drank to a point where Mr. Black was able to escape back to his family. After a week of his return back to his fam​ily, the now penniless man turned very ill. A few hours before he died, his memory returned. He called family and friends to his bedside. Mr. Black told them all where to find his hidden treasure. But the so far, no one has ever found it.

Abandoned before its bounty was harvest, Prospectors and Explorers has search for the cabin and its legendary treasures for years. The few who have found it didn't live to tell the tales or reap the riches, or so the legend goes.

Like all good lore, You're one of the few who has found the lost cabin. Will you be able to solve the clues left from previous prospectors, stay alive and find the treasure or be another story written in history.

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