Escape game Holcomb's Lost Gold

Company: Big Bear Escape Room


40055 Big Bear Blvd Big Bear Lake, CA 92315 ()


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Its 1860… and as many a fortune seeker, you find yourself in Bear Valley, California. However, your fortune isn’t at the bottom of a gold pan or the tip of a pickaxe. Yours happens to be found holding a whiskey glass at the local Bear Valley Saloon. You knew you’d find the legendary William “Grizzly Bill” Holcomb here trying to find answers in the bottom of his glass.

With the wide spread tales of gold and riches in Bear Valley, you’d think the man that started the gold rush up here would be swimming in riches and buying drinks left and right. Grizzly Bill Holcomb would prefer it that way, instead he is hard pressed by a more sensitive matter. All the gold nuggets from his latest find have been stolen! Without even a speck of gold left he isn’t able to fund any more mining ventures. Meanwhile, Bill Brenton the bank owner is breathing down his neck to reveal his secret gold claims in the Valley.

William put two and two together and hired your gang on a promise; a share of his gold if you can find and bring his hard earned loot back him. Your fortune isn’t in a mine or in a river, but behind someone else’s locks. Now! It isn’t really stealing if you’re returning it to its rightful owner… is it???. Be wary, this is still a lawless pioneer town where cowboys and cowgirls enforce their own set of laws!

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