Escape game Alien Invasion

Company: Hint Hunter Puzzle Rooms

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10253 D'Iberville Blvd Suite B D'Iberville, MS 39540 ()


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It's the year 3050 and aliens from the planet Proxima are orbiting Earth in their spaceship, Enus Zulu. Upon entering our world the Proximians presented us with the gold record they retrieved from Voyager 2. The aliens claim they crash landed on a nearby planet and could only repair their engines enough to reach our orbit. To help the aliens return home, we agreed to produce the anti-matter they need to fuel their ship and return home. Recently however, we were shocked to discover the aliens' real plan to surveil the Earth and conquer it. In response, we have assembled an elite team to board the Enus Zulu and dismantle their efforts. You have 1 hour to divert this catastrophe and save the world as we know it...

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