Escape game The Lost City of the Monkey God[Closed]

Company: Escape Room Westford

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

3 reviews


434 Littleton Road Westford, MA 01886 ()


Located on Rt 110 between Kimball Farm and the Littleton/Westford town line.

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The lure of finding a lost city, its treasures, and its glory, is too much for you and your archeological colleagues to ignore. Your team’s years of research has led to the irrefutable conclusion that the legendary Lost City of the Monkey God is real, and can be found in a nearly impenetrable section of the Honduran rainforest.

As you arrive in the jungle, it becomes evident that a severe storm is rolling in, and the helicopter pilot says you have one hour to find, and prove the existence of the City... or she is leaving without you!

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