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Company: Fuzzy Logic Escape Room

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130 Ogden Ave Downers Grove, IL 60515 ()


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You've always wanted to be part of Club Awesome, and you and your friends finally have your chance! The Cool Kids have invited you to join them, but only if you are able to search around the playground and prove you are worthy by solving the puzzles that they've hidden! You'll have to search high and low around the playground for hints and tools to help you earn you way to be admitted into the club! But you'll have to act fast - the cool kids are going home in an hour, and there's no telling when you'll run into them for another chance to be a part of Club Awesome!

You'll have to use your brains as much as you use your eyes and hands in this room. The Cool Kids know this playground like the back of their hand and they expect you to discover as much as you can about it to join their ranks. Both players who are kids and those that are kids at heart will enjoy tackling the puzzles that the Playground has in store for your team!

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