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Just download, print, and party! It started when you woke up somewhere completely unexpected. Now you’re off on a madcap, time-traveling adventure! Find items and solve puzzles in each era to fix the T.I.M.E. Machine and return home.
This printable game kit transforms your house into a time travel themed escape room perfect for any kids party. You set the difficulty and can even customize the entire game before printing. Setting up is super easy. Just download the game kit and print the clue cards as standard 4x6 photos (just like you would family photos).
Alternatively, you can print the game on normal paper, however, you won't get that nice glossy look photos have. Before the party, follow the step by step instructions to place the clues around your home and garden. When the kids arrive everything's set up so there's no need to stress about getting everything done at once. You, or another adult, will guide the kids through the game by following the simple story cards included in the kit.
All up, it takes about 45 mins to complete and is an amazing focus for any party.

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