Escape game The Psycho Psychologist Serum

Company: Vault Escape

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

3 reviews


3234 S Harlem Ave Riverside, IL 60546 ()


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You are the FBI's finest agents and I have assembled you for the most difficult challenge yet. What started out as an innocent project to understand the human mind has, over the years, turned into a descent into madness. Dr. Schwartz has decided understanding the human mind is not enough…he wants to control it.

He has created a mind control serum. You need to break into his lab, get the serum and place it into the containment box outside the laboratory before he returns from lunch. This is our last chance before he takes control of us all. Be careful when you enter the lab, we understand that he has set up traps that may cause you to slowly lose your mind.