Escape game Towering Inferno - Race the Flames

Company: Odyssey Escape Game

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5.0 / 5

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You’re the Chief Engineer of the newly built Theron Tower, America’s tallest skyscraper, and your office occupies the top floor of the towering structure; the year is 2020. In the days leading up to its opening, you discover a problem: electrical hazards on 13 of the 130 floors. Your suggestion of delaying the grand opening is summarily dismissed by Theron Tower’s Chairman of the Board.

It’s now nightfall the day of the and the event is in full swing with hundreds of VIPs and dignitaries from around the world in attendance. At 9 o’clock pm disaster strikes, multiple fires are detected throughout the skyscraper and the sprinkler systems have failed. Within 60 minutes, the tower will be engulfed in flames. Your objectives are to ensure the evacuation of the occupants, enable fire suppression systems, shut down all electrical junctions and escape to the roof to await helicopter extraction.

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