Escape game The Castle[Closed]

Company: Room X Escape

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Make your way over the drawbridge and cross the threshold of the immense castle. This stone edifice conceals the kingdom’s oldest enigmas, magic, and legends. It is rumored to be the hiding place of the realm’s most coveted relic – the Holy Grail. The Grail’s last known guardian was the great knight, Mars, who conquered Westland and inherited the Grail’s magical powers and timeworn secrets. No living soul has laid eyes on the Holy Grail since the death of Mars, and many believe it to be lost forever in the bowels of the dark castle.

Eternal glory and magical powers await those who can uncover its secret location within the castle walls. Can you find the Holy Grail, restore it to the altar and inherit the glory of Mars? Complete your quest before the end of the hour, or forfeit your chance at glory and riches forever.

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