Escape game The Pyramid[Closed]

Company: Room X Escape

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On a trip to Egypt, you and your friends can’t resist the mysterious pull of the pyramids. The ancient tombs loom above you, blocking out the sun and casting long shadows upon the ground. You wander up to the entrance of one of the pyramids and let the darkness consume you as you work your way deeper and deeper into the archaic structure. After twisting and turning your way through tight passages and secret doors, and taking lots of pictures, you realize you got a little carried away. Which way did you come from? Where did all of the doors go? What’s that strange sound in the distance?

Will you be doomed to spend eternity among ancient remains, bats, ghosts and other Egyptian mysteries? Or can you uncover the secrets of the pyramid and make your way back to the door? Team up with your friends and escape before your hour is up, or remain trapped in the pyramid forever.

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