Escape game The Treasure[Closed]

Company: Room X Escape

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5.0 / 5

3 reviews


205 W Randolph St., Suite 750, Chicago, IL 60606 ()


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You find yourself in an old house with nothing more than a series of clues you found written on an ancient letter inside a glass bottle. As you read through the clues, you can’t shake the feeling that the house contains countless secrets, challenging puzzles, and thrilling mysteries. The longer you explore the house, the more your anticipation grows.

The treasure must be hidden inside – you can feel it. But time is running out. Will you have to request more clues? Or can you and your crew uncover the house’s secrets and find the valuable bounty before the pirate (or his ghost) comes back to claim his stash? Work together, follow the trail of clues and escape before your 60 minutes is up – or the treasure will fall back into pirate hands.

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