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Exit Game

Ever break into a highly secured bank vault? Wonder what the government's hiding in their secret laboratories?

Exit Game is the biggest, baddest, and highest tech real escape room experience in Southern California. Locked in a room together, your group of up to 10 will search the space for clues and solve puzzles to escape a real life series of rooms within 60 minutes. Each mission contains a series of rooms that is part of the larger maze in a themed, unique, and fully immersed atmosphere using Hollywood-grade props. Be prepared to be visually stimulated and mentally challenged at every step of the way. It's a thrilling race against time.

If you want a real life, social activity using both your brains and your hands, this is the experience you should be looking for. It’s a great adventure for hanging out with friends, a date, a birthday party, a work event, or just a boring Wednesday.

Do you have what it takes to break out of the series of rooms and solve each and every challenge? We doubt it, but you’ll have to prove us wrong!

Average Rating: 4.7 (20+ reviews)

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