Fishtown Escape

We are pleased to announce that Fishtown Escape Room is now open. We guarantee you an unforgettable experience full of fun, adventure and intrigue. The game is easy to play and perfect for an evening out, sight-seeing trip or a corporate team-building session.

Escape room is a real-life room escape game which requires players to work together to solve hidden puzzles to escape a locked themed room, before the 1-hour timer runs out. This exciting new concept brings the popular online game into real life and gives players an opportunity to use their intuition, teamwork skills and intelligence to accomplish a unique and challenging task. The game is incredibly popular in Asia, US and Europe. Thousands of people have played worldwide and 99% say they would visit again.

The maximum capacity for each room is 6 people. Challengers under the age of 16 are welcomed when accompanied by an adult. Give yourself a taste of adventure and book your session now!

Average Rating: 4.8 (5+ reviews)

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