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Steel Owl Adventure Rooms was founded in early 2015 in South Philadelphia and is led by Elisabeth Garson, a Creative Director with 20 years of experience in advertising, UX and experimental events. Her independent projects have been featured in Time Magazine, KYW, CBS, The Philadelphia Inquirer and more.

The focus of Steel Owl is to create fully immersive, ridiculously fun experiences that end with (hopefully) a win. And we firmly believe there’s a need for it. To us, drinking gets boring and watching a movie is passive. Going to work is routine and hobbies get repetitive. The element of surprise is what we’re all about, and we’ve woven that throughout our first game.

All of our upcoming escape games are being built upon the same set of rigid standards with a focus on usability and communication, including an “every clue matters” rule. Communication, technology, and relatable (and fun) theming are at the core of who we are. We want to move entertainment to an interactive level — and this is where we’re starting.

In the end, it’s our goal to create something that will get people’s hearts pumping, get them excited and running around, engage a bunch of their senses, and make them work together in an environment that (just by design) is fun. Without getting too philosophical, we believe that kind of excitement is what keeps people young.

So, what will you find with our room escape games? A LOT of attention on UX — the user’s overall experience. Because of this, our games are big on interactive technology, set design, unusual themes and surprises. But also (if you’re working together), you have a much better chance at winning.

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