The Escape Lounge

The Escape Lounge is the product of our combined passion for exploring the many fun things to do in DC with our families. And there’s plenty! But, keeping our own children in mind, we wanted to create an entertaining, educational adventure for all young kids. Thus, Escape the Classroom – a unique escape game activity for children age 5 and over – was born. Throughout the development of this game, we’ve maintained our commitment to teaching problem-solving and team-building through an interactive collaborative experience, much like people like you do every day at real jobs in the real world. We want kids to have fun! But, we also want Escape the Classroom to promote teamwork, critical thinking, self-reliance, confidence, and in case we didn’t mention it, FUN!

Family includes adults, too. And that’s where Escape the Oval Office makes its introduction. We thought an interactive game that puts you in the center of intrigue, espionage, and a bit of mystery in the Oval Office would be a blast for mom, dad, best buds and even perfect strangers. We do hope you get to see the inside of the White House. But, hey! If you don’t, Escape the Oval Office is certainly time well spent. The popularity of this game has skyrocketed among tourists. Many, admit they’ll likely never see the real Oval Office. And they also say this is truly one of the most fun things to do in DC!

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