Escape game Corporation of D.O.O.M

Company: Escape Rooms HQ

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1701 W Walnut Hill Ln Irving, TX 75038 ()


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Welcome, new interns, to the head offices of Daniel, Orin, Oscar, and Michaels LLC ( D.O.O.M for short). Today is your first day but things seem a little off. Like the bone-chilling cold you felt when you signed the work contract, or the weird obsession this company has with Egyptian artifacts. First day jitters right?

You just finished the orientation video and were asked to wait in the lobby with the other interns. You were told you only have 60 minutes left. Surely they don’t mean that’s all the time you have left to live… right. You get the feeling that figuring out what’s going on here and why there are so many Egyptian artifacts might be a matter of survival!

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