Escape game The Cthulhu Chamber[Closed]

Company: The Secret Chambers

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5.0 / 5

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2350 Mall Circle, Fort Worth, TX 76116 ()

(888) 669-9998

Facing the intersection of Interstate 30 and Green Oaks Road (in the southeast corner of the Ridgmar Mall parking lot).

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Set in 1949, your team has been locked in the private study of a reclusive billionaire under mysterious circumstances. With epic sea monster Cthulhu's impending arrival, you only have one hour to locate the legendary Necronomicon book, which will allow you to banish Cthulhu back to the depths of the deep. But the book is hidden and it can only be accessed by first collecting the five Cthulhu idols hidden in the study and using them to unlock the secret chamber. Find the idols, unlock the Necronomicon, and use it to banish Cthulhu before he starts destroying humanity!