Escape game The Mafia Adventure

Company: The Secret Chambers

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“The Mafia Adventure” is ready to take you back to a time of true excitement and danger in Texas history—1933, the height of Bonnie and Clyde’s reign of terror on the American South.

There’s a price on the head of Bonnie and Clyde. Dead or alive, that pair of thieves and murderers are worth a fortune. That’s what has driven you and your posse to go look for them.

After asking questions around town, you’re finally given a good lead. The dastardly duo have been recently spotted around the Jacksboro Highway scene—a place filled with debauchery and illegal activities.

As you and your posse cruise down the street, keeping an eye out, one of you suddenly shouts—

“There! They just ducked in that building!”

The building in question? A well-known local establishment known as Tom Foolery’s Jazz Club. You’ve heard of the place before, in your line of work. In fact, you happen to know that a jazz club isn’t all it is.

The place is a notorious speakeasy, serving illegal alcohol during the reign of Prohibition. Not only that, but the place is said to be owned and operated by the local crime family.

It’s a dangerous place to be, no doubt. But this is a lead you can’t lose. You square your shoulders, pull open the door, and make your way inside…


This adventure contains potential PTSD triggers.
This adventure requires the use of stairs and is NOT wheelchair accessible.

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