Escape game The Time Collector

Company: Ultimate Escape Game


4887 Alpha Rd #275 Farmers Branch, TX 75244 ()

(972) 793-0444

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You and your friends work at a Sci-Fi museum, filled with collections from different eras of Sci-Fi TV shows. Every year you host a costume party with your friends from work, and someone wins best dressed. To complete your costume, your character has a special blaster pistol, and your boss just happens to have a movie-grade replica in the museum. He is out of town until after the party, giving you plenty of time to return it, so you decide to borrow the blaster.

The morning of the party your boss calls and asks you to meet him at the museum to help him with the inventory at 8:00 a.m. This gives you an hour at the museum to get in and return the blaster before your boss arrives.