Escape game Sector 13

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8951 N Harlan St Westminster, CO 80031 ()


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In the 1950s, the government funded a new project which would fund the space race between the US and the Soviets at the height of the Cold War. This project’s mission: to connect with alien species and harness new technology. As contact was made, the nonbiological extraterrestrial species treaty (NEST) was created to study these new species and their technology. New research soared by the mid 1980s, and technological research provided cell phones, computers, and scientific breakthroughs. But it soon became apparent NEST has gone rogue, tracking aliens to steal technology and advance the human race. In the 2000s, NEST was disbanded. But that wasn’t soon enough.

While you may physically be at HD Escape Rooms in Westminster, you’re really in Sector 13, an abandoned missile silo where heinous and appalling experiments took place… and might still be taking place. You’ve heard stories of missing persons lately, and it turns out this missile silo may not be abandoned after all… It is up to you and your party to destroy it! You only have one hour before agents storm the facility or remove you for questioning — unless exposure to the radiation inside kills you first.

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