Escape game Cell Block 4

Company: Lara's Labyrinth


451 Russell St Hadley, MA 01035 ()

413-461-1098; 860-819-6258

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Some say receiving a life sentence for littering was excessive. Unfortunately, you and your team ran into the toughest judge in the county. Now you’re all doing hard time in Sheepshank Prison. Luckily something is amiss in the prison and the guards are busy elsewhere. Prison legend has it that the former residents of Cell Block 4 found a way to escape. Can you figure out how they did it and follow their trail to freedom?
You and your fellow block-mates have 60 minutes of unsupervised time during lights-out to find a way to escape your cells and make a break for blue skies! Throw on that orange jumpsuit, maybe some fake tattoos, explore those cells, solve prison codes, disable security measures, and have the most fun you’ve ever had behind bars Orange is the new trap!

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