Escape game Rescue at the Battle of Fredericksburg[Closed]

Company: Connect Games Escape Room


1011 Caroline St Fredericksburg, VA 22401 ()


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December 14, 1862 - The Battle of Fredericksburg has persisted for three days, with numerous wounded Union soldiers remaining on the battlefield at the foot of Marye's Heights. Their cries for water to lessen their suffering have echoed through the morning until one young Confederate soldier can bear the sounds no longer. Sergeant Richard Kirkland has decided that he must do something to help the dying men and comes to you, his fellow Confederate soldiers, to appeal to your own bravery to assist him in bringing water to the injured enemy. A ceasefire has been called for 45 minutes. You must use this time wisely to help Kirkland by finding hidden caches of water within your Supply Tent. Each puzzle and mystery that you solve will provide you with enough life-giving water to save one person on the battlefield. But the wounded are many, and your time is short. Will you answer Kirkland's call to action? How many soldiers can you rescue at The Battle of Fredericksburg?

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