Escape game Airy Botter & the Sorcery School Headmaster’s Office[Closed]

Company: Escape Room Treasure Hunt

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4.7 / 5

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1516 Spring St #101 Houston, TX 77007 ()


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Your Headmaster, ‘Almost Stumbledoor’, needs your help!
The school is being attacked by non-copyright-infringing dark forces, and you must get word to the Department of Magic! Can you rescue Boarcorn’s Academy in time?!

“Airy Botter” is a brand-new, 20-minute Air Conditioned Escape Room adventure at the 2020 Texas Renaissance Festival within the new Enchanted Forest expansion!

This parody of a fairly well-known franchise is an exciting, fun introduction to escape rooms or a quick, challenging diversion for seasoned ‘escape artists!’

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