Escape game Black Friday Bombing[Closed]

Company: Holmes Escape Games

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5.0 / 5

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3411 Irvington Blvd Houston TX 77009 ()


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Beats Discount Electronics is preparing for the biggest Black Friday Sale in the History of the company. The last four days have been spent resetting the store for the sale. After being laid off from the local college after 20 years of service, James Hensley III feels that managing a mid-level electronics store is less than satisfactory. For the last year and a half, Hensley has been repressing his frustrations with his job, his superiors, his employees and his customers. Nearing the end of a particularly mind-numbing day, filled with whining employees, entitled customers and condescending supervisors, Hensley finally snaps. He ushers you all into the break room and locks the door. Henley informs you that he is clearing the cash registers and blowing up the store, with the lot of you in it. You have one hour to escape the break room and avoid Henley’s wrath.

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