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You found the diary of the famous scientist professor Tesla, who disappeared under very mysterious circumstances from his New York Hotel room 3327, where he created his famous laboratory. It turns out that, in the last few months, the scientist worked on building a portal into a parallel world. But secret agents from the World of Zero began to hunt for the professor, and now he faces deadly danger!

He is waiting for your help! After his disappearance, you have received a message from Tesla himself. In the message, he asks you to come to his room to find his last invention and share it with mankind before the Guardians get to it. When you arrive at the room, the agents are already on their way… You have 60 minutes before they get there and arrest you for trespassing! Hurry up!


Players can choose one of the following game modes:
1) Adventure mode - exciting gameplay with no horror elements involved.

The game is available in three languages - English, Spanish and Russian.
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