Escape game Raiders of the Lost Art

Company: That Escape Place

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5.0 / 5

3 reviews


210 Spring Hill Dr #125 Spring, TX 77386 ()


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If you like action movies or ever wanted to be a spy, this escape room is for you! This room will put your detective skills to the test in trying to pick up the trail left by our undercover agent who has gone missing.

A priceless - but important - painting has been stolen, and a dangerous criminal organization is behind the heist. Now, it’s up to you and your team to infiltrate their hideout, retrieve the stolen artwork, and escape with it - and your lives.

At That Escape Place, “Raiders of the Lost Art” immerses your group into an intense scenario, challenging you to work together to complete the mission at hand. The room is packed with clues, puzzles, locks, keys and hidden codes, meaning ingenuity and attention to detail are crucial to success. Every second counts, too, as a 60-minute time limit ticks down to zero. However, watch out for booby traps! Can you complete the mission?

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