Escape Kit Escape Game Iron Gate

Company: The Escape Game




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You and your “friends” have been wrongfully accused of a crime and don’t belong behind bars. You’ve made your case first to the judge, then to the warden, but no one is buying it. Looks like there’s only one path to freedom: a good, old-fashioned prison break! Well, today is the day – you’re going to make a run for it. The good news? One of you is going to make it out. The bad news? Only one of you is going to make it out. Based on The Escape Game's hit game "Prison Break". This brings you the excitement of The Escape Game in an escape room in a box style strategy game. - Escape from Iron Gate Prison by moving through four areas of the board - the Cellblock, The Yard, The Cafeteria, The Warden's Office, and finally to freedom! - Unlimited replays, 3-8 players, for ages 13+. - Full of fun mental and physical puzzles! This party game is a fun challenge for any game night or family get-together. - Act, draw, solve your way to freedom by collecting items and striking deals.

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