Escape game The Rebel's Target[Closed]

Company: Ace Escape Game

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5.0 / 5

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1612 Staunton Ave 2nd Floor Los Angeles ()

(323) 740-6555

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An evil tyrant has one self serving agenda: to rule the world and destroy yours! You and your peers are the chosen elite team who are responsible for making sure that the human race does not cease to exist at the hands of a cruel and heartless enemy. As part of this secret team, you have just arrived at the abandoned base of the rebel. An airstrike is set to destroy the area in 60 minutes. You must scour through piles of files and other data to seek any evidence of the rebel’s next target of attack. Outside of the base, you have a larger network of allies who are depending on your expertise and conclusions to prevent the next horrific and deadly attack. You are faced with one of the greatest responsibilities known to mankind.