Escape game The Ladder

Company: Hatch Escapes


1919 3rd Ave Los Angeles, CA 90018 ()


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THE LADDER is like no other escape room in the world—a fully replayable immersive experience in which your choices and performance determine the outcome.

Get ready to embark on a 50-year career at Nutricorp, an Omaha-based vitamin company with more than a few dark secrets to hide. Each room of The Ladder represents a decade—from the rockin’ 1950s to the less rockin’ 1990s—and features both scored games and puzzles. Your score will allow you to make certain choices (Wanna raise a family? Wanna hire a secretary?) while solving the super-tough and fully optional puzzles will grant you access to new parts of the story—and an entire bonus room.

Featuring a 90-minute runtime, 5 playable avatars, 8 different sets, and nearly a dozen different endings, The Ladder has been designed to blow your mind not once, not twice, but as many times as you care to visit.

Will you play as a hero or a villain? Will you make your first billion or wind up penniless? And did you ever figure out what was in that mysterious pneumatic capsule? Well, you know what they say: if at first you don’t succeed…you’re probably a talentless hack.

Or maybe you should try again…

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