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In 2013, NASA sent the Conquest on the first manned mission to a galaxy other than our own. Radio silence was expected, but it came as a shock when The Conquest sent a transmission saying they had found life. When NASA frantically sent the ship countless follow-up transmissions, there was no response. In no surprise, none of this was ever made known to the public.

The year is now 2018. You and five other astronauts have been sent on a classified mission to either rescue The Conquest or make contact. Upon entering the unknown galaxy, countless lost transmissions from The Conquest are received. While digging through the mountain of messages, your ship mysteriously loses power and begins to be beamed towards a large, foreign spacecraft on the other end of the horizon. You and your team have 60 minutes to power the emergency generator, find the coordinates of the near-orbiting Conquest, and eject through the escape pods before you are taken aboard the seemingly-hostile craft.