Escape game Deadringers: Coffin Escape Game[Closed]

Company: The Scene Escape Rooms


22661 Lambert St #203 Lake Forest, CA 92630 ()


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In the old days, coffins had bells, so their occupants could ring them in case they weren’t dead. Now, you’ve been buried alive – by mistake! Can you solve the puzzles and find a way to ring the bell so the gravedigger hears you? Or will you suffocate and be feasted on by maggots six feet under the ground?

There are two identical coffins, with identical puzzles. You and a friend, in separate coffins, race to see who can escape first within the 15-minute time limit.


Each coffin is more than 7ft tall and nearly 3ft wide, making it much more spacious than your average casket. They are well ventilated and comfortable.