Escape game The Loft[Closed]

Company: MindGames

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5.0 / 5

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202A N 5th St Mebane, NC 27302 ()


Downtown Mebane

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When you first moved into your new apartment, you loved the automated interface. SALI (Superior Automated Loft Interface) made your life so amazing by taking care of everything. She kept your home the perfect temperature, and every time you stepped into the shower it was just right.

If you laid your keys down or the remote, SALI knew where it was. If milk was low, SALI ordered more. SALI knew what you needed before you did. SALI is the best friend you ever had.

Unfortunately, your amazing home is on fire and SALI does not want to die alone. You need to figure out how to disable SALI’s hold on the locks and get out before the flames get you.

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