Escape game The Scottish Play

Company: Escape Ashland


509 Siskiyou Blvd Ashland, OR 97520 ()


Just south of Ashland Fire and Rescue.

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A play by William Shakespeare, “The Scottish Play” that, according to theater legend, has been cursed since its first performance in 1606….a play reportedly cursed by a coven of witches in Shakespeare’s day who condemned use of incantations…a play so powerful that an old superstition says its name should never be uttered in the theater and for those that do, deaths, disasters, falls and mysterious accidents have been the result.

And yet another tragedy has befallen a performance of “The Scottish Play” and the theater has closed with no opening date in sight. Was it the four hundred year-old curse or was it something even more sinister? You and your group of understudies must avoid catastrophe and solve the mystery before another tragedy strikes. Can you avoid bringing down further disaster by not uttering “the play that shall not be named?”

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