Escape game Polly's Problematic Predicament

Company: Nexus Escape Room

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

3 reviews


7100 Pines Blvd. #26, Pembroke Pines FL 33024 ()


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Polly’s Problematic Predicament is an extremely interesting, single room adult-themed experience/game unlike you’ve played anywhere else.

After a spat with her evil genius step-brother, help Polly recover all her deviant adult “personal belongings” before her super conservative parents get home and kick her out, or worse!

You are Polly, an eccentric, young 20-something living home with your uber conservative, wealthy parents and your evil step-brother, Richard. One day, you’re just lounging around the house when your step-brother tells you he finally finished his plan to get you kicked out of the house and the wealthy family life. He plans on exposing your deviant behavior to your parents to get you kicked out — or worse: sent to Conservatism Camp. Being the arrogant Richard he is, he’s giving you a chance to recover everything through his elaborate puzzles and challenges before your parents get back home from their weekly fellowship meeting.

Can you solve all of Richard’s puzzles to keep your private life… private?

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