Escape game Missile Launch

Company: Monroe Escape Rooms

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14750 Laplaisance Road, Suite H30 Monroe, MI 48161 ()


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You are now back in the year 1972. During the Cold War 1,000 Minutemen missile silos were built, but recently the silos are being decommissioned.

There was only 1 soldier staffed at each base. One of the Missile silos is under cyber attack and no one can reach the soldier or regain control of the Missile Launch Center.

You and your team have 60 minutes to find your way through the underground military bunker that leads to the Missile Launch Center. You will need to gain access to the control center. Once inside you must figure out how to regain control of the Missile Launch system , disable the foreign hacker group and and abort the Missile before it launches.

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