Escape game The Cabin[Closed]

Company: The Escape Room Woodbridge


45 Lafayette Rd Fords, NJ 08863 ()


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You and your team are investigative reporters, on your way to investigate your next story. You are all packed up in your van traveling down a very dark road of which you all have heard stories; stories of a cabin in the woods where people have gone missing. As unfortunate as it may be while on the road your car breaks down and you all are now stranded until help comes a couple hours later.
Out of curiosity you all start to look around for this so called Cabin; very excited to see if the rumors are even true. When you guys finally find the cabin you have been looking for your attitudes quickly change. Going from excited to a tad bit nervous because upon entry you realize the rumors may not be rumors. You consider running back to the road you came from but your curiosity has gotten the best of you.
Have people really gone missing? Is this your next big story? You have an hour to find the answer to these questions. The worse part is you feel like you are being watched but as far as you can tell you all alone. GOOD LUCK!

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