Escape game Voodoo Swamp

Company: Escape Time Adventures


939 NY-376 2 3 Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 ()

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Local residents have been mysteriously disappearing in the dark swamps of Black Water County, Louisiana. Everyone knows the true reason behind these happenings, but none have the courage been brave enough confront the vial - a VooDoo curse, by the old swamp witch, Blackwater Hattie. Now four of your friends went to explore her soul forsaken shack, and never returned!

It's up to your team to save your friends and stop this evil forever. But beware of Hattie's enslaved swamp walkers that roam the muddy land.

Your team must fearlessly keep the swamp walkers at bay, explore hidden chambers, and conquer a series of ritual puzzles and clues within her soul forsaken shack. To defeat this darkness, it is essential that your group enter Hattie's cabin, conquer a series of bizarre puzzles and hidden clues, and keep the swamp walkers at bay to avoid being captured. For if you fail you too will become enslaved and forever roam the Blackwater swamps.

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