Escape game Insane Asylum[Closed]

Company: PanIQ Escape Room

Average Rating:

4.7 / 5

3 reviews


102 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002 ()

(646) 692-8100

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The year is 1956... or is it? With all you’ve experienced in recent weeks, it’s hard to trust even that. You went to sleep once night, and woke up here at Overbrook Hospital. The place promises care and peace for the mentally ill, but all you’ve received is manipulation, experimentation, and a heavy supply of drugs. Besides that, you’re not insane, and never have been. The whole place is a ruse, devised to cover the mind-control experiments of a group of twisted scientists.

However, you won’t allow them to use you any longer. A situation at the other side of the hospital has diverted the staff’s watching eyes. It is the perfect chance for escape, and it may be your last. Find the medicines needed to restore your senses before finding your way out of this living nightmare before your mind is lost forever.