Escape game Tiki Torture

Company: Puzzle over This

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5.0 / 5

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10445 Old Ocean City Blvd Unit 1, Berlin, MD 21811 ()


Located 10 minutes west of Ocean City, MD on the corner of Ocean Gateway (Rte. 50) and Old Ocean City Blvd. in Berlin, MD.

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You and your friends are on vacation in the Caribbean when you decide to take a boat tour to a small island. While exploring, you stumble across a Tiki Hut. Legend has it that One-eye Crabby Jack was a captain on the Sea Rat, a notorious pirate ship, but there was a mutiny and the crew stranded him on an island around here.

Could this be the island? Could this be One-eye Crabby Jack's hut? If so, could there be treasure here? The tour boat is leaving in one hour. Can you figure out this mystery before you have to leave the island?

No street shoes are allowed. Flip-flops are recommended for play.